Leading assistance in marine crewing

Seabase assists clients across Canada in providing offshore personnel to supply vessels, drilling and production installations, drillships, FPSO’s, dive support vessels, construction vessels, seismic vessels, tankers, containerships, tugs/barges, etc.

Seabase additionally provides shore-based personnel (upon client request), logistical support services, catering, and vessel/crew management.


Seabase Newfoundland Limited has an extensive pool of highly skilled, competent and experienced marine, technical and drilling personnel available to fulfill your operational requirements in a cost effective and professional manner.

We work closely with our clients to respond to their ever-changing offshore dynamics with an effective and efficient plan forward.

We have a thorough recruitment process and understand the quality of personnel required to deliver operational efficiency and exceed expectations.

Vessel chartering

Seabase Newfoundland Limited provides comprehensive vessel chartering services East Coast Canada and beyond. We pride ourselves on being able to demonstrate our commitment to the offshore oil and gas exploration activities to East Coast Canada and Internationally.

Our extensive network enables us to deliver unsurpassed vessel chartering services in support of our clients by creating dynamic solutions, operational efficiency, and optimizing safety in operations while exceeding operational goals.

Vessel and crew management

While providing liaison services between vessel owner and charterer, Seabase Newfoundland Limited provides full crew management services onboard all chartered vessels. Seabase focuses on promoting staff continuity, with emphasis on retaining and developing personnel in key roles. We ensure personnel possess the mandatory certification, skills, and experience as per industry/company standards. We set the standard by ensuring compliance through regular audit procedures. The health and safety of all employees is paramount and communicated by instilling continuous improvement practices and sharing best practices/learning with respect to crewing operations.

Logistical support

Seabase Newfoundland Limited can provide as needed logistical support through procurement, distribution of equipment, facilities, spares, technical expertise and trained personnel essential to the proper operation of a drilling campaign/marine activities.

Catering services and galley crews

Seabase Newfoundland Limited offers hotel and catering services to the offshore drilling and marine industries.

Our catering services include;

  • Quality offshore catering and housekeeping services
  • Supply of food, beverages, and bonded stores
  • Cleaning of the accommodations area
  • Dietetically reviewed menus using high quality ingredients.
  • Wide variety of fresh, healthy, tasty, and well-balanced cuisine
  • First class service from professionals who are dedicated to the health and welfare of all personnel onboard.

Coordination, planning, logistics for offshore training

Seabase provides the opportunity for and encourages participation in job-related training programs that will enhance skills and knowledge and maximize job performance. Employee performance will be monitored during monthly performance reviews.

The Human Resources Department reviews the training and competency requirements for all offshore employees to determine what training is necessary to ensure operational, statutory, regulatory and company requirements are being met with the focus of meeting the needs and expectations of the customer and other interested parties.

Seabase completes the coordination, planning and all related logistics required in the scheduling of offshore training courses.

Background checks

Seabase Newfoundland Limited completes a full and thorough background check on all potential employment candidates.

Seabase will ensure the following criteria are met for all employment applicants.

  1. All employment candidates must hold a certificate of competency and other required qualifications acceptable to work on the assigned vessel.
  2. Applicant must meet flag state requirements.
  3. Must provide acceptable references. Previous employment history will give indication to background and experience.
  4. Valid medical certificates (Canadian CAPP Required Medical). The medical check must correspond to national and International Standards of fitness for seafarers, and it must be conducted by a company approved doctor.
  5. Must be able to communicate fluently in English.
  6. Must be interviewed in accordance with the prescribed recruitment procedure. Interviewer must be satisfied that the candidate demonstrates the correct level of background, qualifications and experience to fill the prescribed role. In the case of senior personnel, a second interview may be required in order to assess technical competence.
  7. The results of the Psychometric Assessment are analyzed to increase the credibility and validity of the selection process by using (A) Objective Assessments (B) Competency based interviews to ensure the right people are hired for the right role. The psychometric assessment is used to determine whether a candidate has the comprehensive personal and professional tools to support the organizations goals and strategic plans. One portion of the assessment reveals how a person will behave within a given environment, situation, or relationship, and measures the core functions, job related competencies and attitudes of each candidate while pinpointing an individual’s strengths and areas for development.
  8. Criminal Record check.
  9. Drug and Alcohol Screening (pre-employment & random).
  10. Fit for work assessment if required.

Ships Agency

Seabase Newfoundland Limited can provide agents to perform all ship’s agency services in all aspects of maintenance, cleaning, and general upkeep of the hull, rigging and equipment of a ship. The ship’s agent can coordinate with the technical department to attend to the management, equipment and other concerns of the vessel as authorized by the vessel owners.

HR management/business partnering

We have HR Business Partners who are trained to actively integrate business strategy with people management practices. The HR Business Partner works with Senior Leaders in order to develop a HR strategy that closely supports the overall aims of the organization.

Canada Benefits - Canada Newfoundland and Labrador Atlantic Accord Implementation Act.

The selection of employees is of paramount importance within Seabase. Employee selection is based upon relevant background, qualifications, and experience for the specific work role, with due consideration in the employment of individuals from the area of operation.

We conduct monthly performance evaluations to highlight employees who have the background, qualifications and applicable experience to move forward to the next level.

Should Seabase engage in a contract within Newfoundland, Seabase will maintain their commitment to the Canada Benefits Plan taking into account Newfoundland Benefits in accordance with the Canada-Newfoundland and Labrador Atlantic Acord Implementation Act. Seabase understands the importance of employing residents of Newfoundland & Labrador as a first priority where background, qualifications and experience fulfill the requirements of the position. Seabase will target Canadian residents when qualified personnel cannot be located within the region of Newfoundland & Labrador.