Building on years of experience

Seabase Newfoundland Limited was incorporated November 23, 2020 in partnership with the NSB Omega Group of Companies. Denah Locke, the former General Manager of Seabase Limited and daughter of the late Paul Locke (Owner of Seabase Limited) is bringing her experience forward to create the newly developed Seabase Newfoundland Limited in partnership with the NSB Group of Companies and Director, Michael Critch. Denah Locke, Managing Director and owner of the newly formed Seabase Newfoundland Limited has 16+ years experience in the offshore oil and gas industry crewing supply vessels and offshore drilling installations offshore East Coast Canada and internationally. The NSB Group of Companies are experienced in leading technical workforce solutions in the development of Canada’s offshore oil and gas projects, as well as the mining and energy sectors.

With an unwavering focus on quality and safety, Seabase Newfoundland Limited can provide comprehensive crewing services for a variety of marine activities including drilling installations, production platforms, supply boats, seismic vessels, etc. We have an extensive pool of knowledgeable and trained marine professionals that have experience working East Coast Canada and internationally.